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BIM Courses offered in partnership with BiM8

"Building Information Modeling is the process of collaboratively developing and managing an integrated digital model containing a built assets geometry and lifecycle information."
Exert Royal Architectural Institute of Canada - BIM Explained

BIM has evolved over the years as technology has improved enabling the AECOO industry with digital tools that have enhanced design development, analysis for project lifecycles and construction methods. The result are workflows that have allowed the exchange of the most intelligent data the industry has ever seen resulting in the most coordinated projects planned and delivered for contractors and clients.

As the design industry continues to shift from traditional 2D processes to 3D enhanced information exchanges the key players will need to be prepared to see their roles change and evolve from not only the authors of the design but the gatekeepers of intelligent data that can potentially be used by all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the project.

EPIC and BiM8 inc have teamed up to develop strategically created training modules that support the needs of the AECOO industry by delivering high level professional training delivered by experts in their field related to BIM.

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BIM for Executive Leadership
(3 Professional Development Hours)
Bridging the Gap from BIM to VDC
(1 Professional Development Hours)
Design Options and Phases in Autodesk Revit
(3 Professional Development Hours)
Developing Project Content in Autodesk Revit
(3 Professional Development Hours)
Model Management for BIM Coordinators
(21 Professional Development Hours)
Project Management with BIM and Revit
(14 Professional Development Hours)
Reality Capture: Ensuring accuracy within BIM
(1 Professional Development Hours)
Should we Adopt BIM?
(1 Professional Development Hours)
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  • Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

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