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Concrete Construction Code Training Courses across Canada

The CSA has recently published a new edition of the Design of Concrete Structures (CSA A23.3). EPIC has created a course to review all the changes to the standards and also update your knowledge on the revised book as a whole. You can view the offerings below or Click Here if you would like EPIC to bring this course to your company.

The performance, resilience and sustainability of concrete structures depends largely on the materials used, construction methods adopted and test procedures used to ensure compliance. While the design code provides related provisions, it is a complex document that necessitates training of its user. Furthermore, standards do change to incorporate new materials, address new problems, and to become more effective. Thorough knowledge of the current Canadian code will enhance the confidence and efficiency of construction engineers, consultants, inspectors and contractors. Such professionals need to keep abreast with new changes in the code, understand the rationale behind them and become proficient in the best practices for their implementation.

This course covers the main changes to and advancements in concrete materials, test methods and construction practice, while addressing the main related challenges faced by course participants through an interactive case-based discussion of such problems.

Almost all of EPIC's Concrete Code courses offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs), which can help students earn training requirements for their provincial governing bodies.



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