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Managing Bridges Within Your Budget

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After Participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Select efficient structure for different bridge configurations
  • Determine bridge rehabilitation strategies
  • Procure life cycle cost analysis
  • Provide cost effect solution for bridge construction
  • Establish reliable management system

Bridge management is the process of making decisions on structure needs and arranging for resulting actions to occur at appropriate times. These include inspection, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement actions. Some routine maintenance actions are regularly scheduled, while other maintenance and repair actions are identified through the Authorities management systems. Rehabilitations and replacement strategies are determined through a bridge assessment process that involves varying levels of analysis and engineering.  

This course presents the tools and knowledge needed for managing bridge information to formulate maintenance programs within cost limitations, including basic management system (BMS) and the basic principles of the Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).

Course Outline:

  • Highway Bridge Design Loads
  • Techniques using Prefabricated and Pre-assembled Structural Systems
  • Durability of Concrete Bridge Decks
  • Non-destructive Testing in Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Repair and Strengthening of Structures
  • Strategy for Bridge Rehabilitation vs Replacement
  • Pontis Modeling Approach and Bridge Management System – Agency Implementation
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Value Engineering and Constructability Review
  • Risk Management

Who Should Attend:
Bridge managers • Engineers of national, provincial and local highway agencies • Railway bridge engineers, consulting engineers • Structural engineers • Design engineers • Superintendents and contractors • Fabricators  • Construction foremen • Material suppliers

Course Rating
4.6 out of 5

Overall rating of this course by its previous attendees!

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