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Construction Management - Overview of Construction Claims & Disputes

2 Professional Development Hours


This webinar is part of Web Series: Construction Management and includes four webinars:

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After attending this webinar, you will:

  • Recognize that all parties to a construction contract must anticipate changes and claims.
  • Be exposed to the fundamentals of contracts and claims.
  • Discuss the “universe of construction claims”.
  • Demonstrate how the basic three-part test of a claim (entitlement, causation and damages) applies to each type of claim.
  • Understand the burden of proof requirement all claimants (both owners and contractors) must meet.
  • Learn how to prepare and present or analyze and settle or defend against construction claims.
  • Learn how contractors and owners must deal with construction claims situations and events.
  • Appreciate the downside risk of leaving claims and disputes to fester until the end of a project.

This 2-hour webinar discusses the 11 basic types of construction claims included in most standard contracts used throughout the U.S. – AIA, ConsensusDOCS, EJCDC, etc.

This webinar outlines the entitlement and causation elements of each type of claim that the claimant must demonstrate in order to justify their right to prevail. This webinar highlights the following types of construction claims – claims for directed changes; constructive changes, differing site conditions; directed suspensions of work, constructive suspensions, force majeure events, delays; accelerations, constructive accelerations; terminations for convenience; and terminations for default. The webinar also identifies several types of owner claims against contractors. The elements of the burden of proof required of all claimants are presented.

The basic requirements concerning damages are covered. A discussion of claims under various project delivery methods and a summary of an accepted claims preparation and analysis methodology are included in this webinar. This webinar will conclude with an outline of various dispute resolution methodologies.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Introduction to Construction Claims
  • Contractor Claims vs Owners
  • Owner Claims vs Contractors
  • Burden of Proof
  • Damages
  • Claims and Project Delivery Methods
  • Claims Preparation and Analysis
  • Dispute Resolution Methods
  • Questions

Who should attend:

  • General contractors and their project managers
  • Project owners and their representatives
  • Design professionals
  • Construction managers
  • Construction attorneys
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Online, 5/1/2024


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