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Soil and Rock Slope Stability

14 Professional Development Hours

After participating in the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand fundamentals of soil and rock mechanics and its application to slope stability engineering.
  • Define various methods of slope stabilization and identify appropriate application.
  • Conduct simple stability analyses of slopes.
  • Familiar with analysis methods and typical design practices.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of principles of investigation and stabilization of slope failures.


The objective of this course is to provide practitioners involved in slope stability design and construction with fundamentals and approach for slope stability design. Course material include stability concepts, engineering geology principles, ground water principles, soil testing and interpretations, slope stability concepts, stabilization methods, instrumentation and monitoring, and construction inspection.

Course Outline:

Soil Slopes

  • Engineering principles
  • Site Exploration
  • Lab testing and Interpretations
  • Slope Stability Concepts and Analysis Methods
  • Stabilization methods
  • Instrumentation, Monitoring, Inspection and Maintenance

Rock Slopes

  • Geological Investigation and Interpretation
  • Types of Rock Slope Failures
  • Rock Slope Analysis Methods
  • Stabilization of Rock Slopes
  • Protection Against Rockfall

Who Should Attend

Geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineering technicians and technologists, field engineers, design engineers, anyone who needs to build background on slope stability analyses and design. Best suited for civil engineers, consultants, engineering geologists, soil scientists, city and public works officials, city planners, and other design professionals who address construction related slope stability and stabilization issues.

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