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Structural Design Principles and Applications of Strut and Tie Approach

14 Professional Development Hours

After participating in the course, you will be able to:

  • Understanding of the strut and tie concept
  • Understand and design deep beams
  • Check openings effect in beams and slabs
  • Design corbels using the strut and tie method
  • Design regions with discontinuities.
  • Be familiar with the code provisions and requirements
  • Design pile caps
  • Develop reinforcing plans with the required code detailing

The cases faced in the structural design process are often of special care and consideration. Whether it be deep beams, dapped beams, corbel or pile caps, every case has its specific design approach and considerations.

These special cases will be addressed with respect to specific provisions to satisfy the design objectives and achieve local as well as overall stability of the structural system and its serviceability. Many special design cases will be discussed in the course and its workshops to introduce the attendees to the right approach to analyze, design and detail each. The course will cover these cases discussing their theoretical concepts and presenting some of their practical applications in real life. Detailed design examples will be solved in the workshops to ensure a better understanding of theories and enhance the student's problem-solving abilities.

Course Outline:

  • Overview of special cases in structural design
  • The concept behind the strut and tie model and its various applications
  • Failure modes and structural checks of the strut and tie concepts
  • Deep beams as an application of the strut and tie model
  • Dealing with concrete beam openings
  • Corbels, types, design and code requirements
  • Dapped beams design procedures
  • Pile caps cases
  • Design procedures of pile caps
  • Creating reinforcement detailing

Who Should Attend:
Civil Engineers • Structural Engineers • Designers • Consulting Architects and Engineers •Construction Engineers • Fabricators and Manufacturers of Structural Systems • Municipal Building Officials • Field Reviewers

Course Rating
3.8 out of 5

Overall rating of this course by its previous attendees!


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