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Work Suspended – What Can a Contractor Recover

2 Professional Development Hours

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn what a suspension of work is.
  • The types and typical causes of suspensions.
  • The operation of a suspension clause.
  • What damages are recoverable, and which are not?
  • The current tests of damage recovery.
  •  How contractors protect their rights to recover suspension of work damages.


The rules governing the recovery of damages under Suspension of Work clauses have changed over the past two decades. Recovery of costs and time is no longer to be taken for granted. This webinar explores the operation of the Suspension clause and new court cases that limit the recovery of damages.


When an owner issues a suspension of work directive, is the contractor entitled to recover delay and delay damages? This session examines what damages are typically owed when work is suspended and some limitations of suspension damages. Five court cases setting forth key requirements necessary to collect damages are discussed.

Recommendations on what actions contractors should take when work is suspended are provided, and why these actions may help owners resolve such claims in the field rather than the courtroom.

Areas Covered In The Webinar:

  • Types and causes of suspensions.
  • Why owners need a suspension clause in contracts.
  • The operation of Suspension clauses.
  • Recoverable damages under Suspension clauses.
  • Limitations on recoverable damages.
  • Some recent court rulings impacting damage recovery.
  • Current tests for recovery of suspension damages.
  • Recommendations for contractors to protect their rights to recover damages.
  • Recommendations for owners to mitigate suspension damages.

Target Audience:

  • Staff personnel involved in preparing and submitting change orders and construction claims.
  • Staff personnel receiving, analyzing, and resolving change requests and construction claims.
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