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Intermediate Excel & VBA in Engineering

7 Professional Development Hours

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Master the shortcuts and important modules of the Microsoft Excel Software
  • Implement the advanced functions of the software, such as vertical and horizontal lookups and conditional operators
  • Use Pivot Tables to facilitate data analysis
  • Create user interfaces in Excel with buttons, lists, drop-down menus, etc.
  • Write basic scripts in VBA to automate processes

In most engineering work environments, the Microsoft Excel software is used as a spreadsheet to do simple calculations and create charts. But did you know that this software can do way more? Much more than a simple spreadsheet, the Microsoft Excel software comes with numerous powerful functions that can be used to facilitate the processing and analysis of data.

The most interesting and often overlooked aspect of Excel is VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), which is the programming language within Excel, that can be used to create sophisticated user interfaces and unlock the real processing power of Excel.

Students must bring their laptops. Please see the SPECIAL FEATURES and REQUIREMENTS section on our website.

Course Outline :

  • Vertical and horizontal lookups
  • Conditional operators: if, and, or
  • Mathematical functions
  • Filters, sorts, lists and tables
  • Charts
  • Pivot Tables
  • Buttons, drop-down menus
  • VBA: macros, forms, variables, loops

Who Should Attend
Anyone who works with Microsoft Excel: Engineers • Technologists • Technicians • Project Consultants • Managers • Analysts

Course Rating
4.9 out of 5

Overall rating of this course by its previous attendees!


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