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Managing Your Inbox - E-mail Efficiency

1 Professional Development Hours

After participating in this webinar, you will be able to understand:

  • Why to get your Inbox down to "0" messages by the end of each day
  • The process required to get your Inbox to “0”, without losing any important messages or information
  • When to read, reply and file email versus when to read, reply and delete email
  • How and when to file your email in folders, subfolders, tasks or calendar
  • Why to group related email in one folder or related sub-folders
  • How to use 'triage' to process your email

In a world of non-stop email, you must learn to manage your email to become more efficient and effective. The webinar focuses on the skills required to manage your email so you can stay on top of important business priorities. Email management skills include:

  • Making judgement calls on what to do with each email message you receive based on the content of the message and on your business priorities. You will learn specific tips and examples of proper email management.
  • Why to, and how to, get your inbox cleaned out by the end of each business day so you can manage your time, and your priorities, more efficiently and effectively
  • How to, and why to, keep track of important email by filing messages in appropriate folders, subfolders, task and calendar

The webinar clearly outlines and explains tips and tricks to help you keep your email in-box empty while keeping important email messages, and related tasks, organized. In other words, when it comes to managing your email, the webinar ensures that out of sight is not out of mind, but shows you how moving email out of your in-box and into appropriate folders will enable you to focus on your business priorities. In addition, the webinar lets you know when to change the subject line in email messages that you send and receive and when to, and why to, move from texting about an issue to emailing about it.

There are a number of desktop and online email readers (like Outlook and Gmail) out there and the information in this webinar is applicable to all of them.

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