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Substation SCADA

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After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Know the major components and subsystems of various types Substation SCADA
  • Examine the applications, performance and economics Substation SCADA Systems
  • Write a Technical Specification for a Substation SCADA System
  • Recommend Optimization of the Substation SCADA monitoring and Data Collection and Trending
  • Recommend Typical Switching Schemes for Remote Control Via Substation SCADA System
  • Determine the method of Reactive Power Correction or Power Factor Compensation via Substation SCADA

Substation SCADA System course will describe the major components of a modern substation SCADA SYSTEM as well as the interconnections and interactions with the power system.

The SUBSTATION SCADA course will explain the major requirements to setup a monitoring and trending system as well as the most effective transfer SCHEMES and the Reactive Power Compensation as well as the Power Factor Correction Systems available for SCADA REMOTE CONTROL.

Course Outline:

  • Major Equipment and Components of a Power system
  • Protection Relays Transfer Functions
  • Bay Controllers
  • Backup Power Requirements
  • CT & PT Instrument and Protection Transformers
  • Real Time Networks for Power Systems
  • Monitoring and Alarm Functions
  • Remote Power Switching
  • Power Factor Correction Schemes
  • Reactive Power Control and Balance

Who Should Attend
Engineering Managers • Electrical Engineers • Technicians & Technologists • Design Engineers • Process Engineers • Project Engineers • Operation & Maintenance personnel • Consultants

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Mississauga, ON
on 9/23/2019

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