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Telecom Systems for Power Substations

14 Professional Development Hours

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and usage of telecom systems in power substations.
  • Know the major components and subsystems of various types of power substation telecom systems.
  • Examine the applications of substation telecom Systems.
  • Describe the communication requirements for the substation’s teleprotection circuits.
  • Recommend a typical telecom system for SCADA and Remote access via a Substation telecom system.


This comprehensive course is designed to educate individuals about the critical role of telecommunication systems in efficiently operating power substations. It delves into the specific requirements of telecom networks that are integral to the functionality of power substations. These include vital systems such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), which is pivotal in monitoring and controlling substation operations. Additionally, this course covers the teleprotection systems essential for the protection and control of the electrical grid, ensuring its reliability and safety.

Participants will also gain insights into implementing substation services like Voice over IP (VoIP) phone lines. These services are crucial for effective communication within the substation and with external entities. The course further explores various telecommunications network technologies employed in power substations. This includes understanding Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM), a technology used for transmitting multiple signals over a single transmission path. Moreover, the course provides knowledge about Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), a versatile solution to address the problems faced by present-day networks. Additionally, it includes insights into Packet networks, which are fundamental for transmitting data in packets over digital networks.

Through this course, attendees will understand the theoretical aspects and learn about the practical implementation and challenges faced in integrating telecommunication systems within power substations. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in the role of telecommunication systems in power substations. You will be equipped with the knowledge to contribute to their efficient and secure operation.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Telecom requirements in power substations
  • Telecom systems/ technologies in power substations
  • Telecom networks in power substations
  • Special topics for power substation’s Telecom System
  • Telecom service and standards specifications

Who Should Attend
Design Engineers • Electrical Engineers • Commissioning and Testing Engineers • Consulting Engineers • Electrical Technologists • Project Managers • Project Engineers • Operating and Maintenance Personnel

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