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Environmental Bioremediation: In situ Technologies for Decontamination of Soil

2 Professional Development Hours


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After participating in this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Develop a better understanding of the soil characteristics relevant to bioremediation processes
  • Learn about the technologies that are commonly used during in situ soil bioremediation operations
  • Gain knowledge on microbial factors and environmental conditions controlling soil bioremediation processes
  • Evaluate and compare the performances of several in situ technologies used in the bioremediation of soil
  • Apply your knowledge of various in situ bioremediation technologies to soil decontamination projects

This webinar provides information on the in situ bioremediation processes for the removal of contaminants from soil, without the excavation of soil and its transportation from the site. The fundamental site characteristics and the controlling microbial and environmental factors during in situ bioremediation of soil will be presented. Selected in situ soil bioremediation technologies, including intrinsic bioremediation, biostimulation, bioaugmentation, bioventing and landfarming will be discussed.

Webinar Outline:

  • Overview of environmental bioremediation
  • Site characterization for in situ bioremediation of soil
  • Intrinsic bioremediation
  • Biostimulation technology
  • Bioaugmentation technology
  • Bioventing technology
  • In situ landfarming technology

Who Should Attend:
Environmental Engineers, Geologists, Soil Scientists, Project Managers, Consulting Engineers, Environmental Educators, Environmental Risk Managers, Environmental protection officers, Lawyers, Municipal Planners

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Online, 5/16/2023


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