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Environmental Impact Assessment

14 Professional Development Hours

After participating in this course, you will have learned:

  • The process of Environmental Impact Assessment in Canada at Federal and Provincial Levels¬†
  • EIA related legislation
  • How screening of proposed projects are conducted
  • Framework and structure of baseline condition study
  • Various Impact Assessment Methods
  • How to devise Mitigation Measures and Monitoring

In accordance with the Impact Assessment Act (IAA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required to address the impacts of development projects during the planning stage, to understand the environmental setting of the project, predict the potential impacts (adverse or even positive) and a plan for mitigating the adverse impacts if there were any, and for monitoring to ensure the impacts are managed in compliance with sustainability and applicable regulations.

Projects of various size and scale proposed by public or private proponents may undergo an EIA screening process to determine if an EIA should be conducted. In this course, EIA legislation, process and stages will be overviewed and examples of key projects in Canada in mining and oil and gas sector will be introduced and discussed. 

Course Outline

  • EIA Legislation, Screening and Scoping
  • Impact Assessment Act (IAA) and other related legislation
  • Environmental Systems Analysis
  • Overview of Life Cycle Impact Assessment
  • EIA Screening Process
  • EIA Scoping
  • Baseline conditions of biophysical, social and economic environments
  • Impact Assessment Methods
  • Mitigation Measures and Monitoring
  • EIA Report
  • Case example EIA analysis of significant Canadian projects

Who Should Attend
Consultants involved in Environmental Assessment, project developers in public and private sector who would require an understanding of the EIA process for possible review of EIA reports as well as Environmental Engineers and practitioners.

Course Rating
4.5 out of 5

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Online, 5/2/2023


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