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Delivering Dispute Free Projects - Planning, Design & Bidding

1.5 Professional Development Hours

This course is part of a four part webinar series entitled Web Series: Delivering Dispute Free Projects. Save 20% when you enroll for the series.

After attending this webinar, you will:

  • Learn what owners, designers and construction managers can do during the planning phase to avoid claims and mitigate and disputes going forward;
  • Be exposed to what actions owners and their project teams can plan for to help avoid or mitigate claims during the construction phase;
  • Explore how the owner’s team can do to avoid claims during the bidding phase of a project; and,
  • Review what actions a bidder can take to mitigate claims during construction and avoid disputes.

Webinar description:
Project owners, design professionals, construction managers and contractors frequently ask if there are recommendations on how to avoid disputes on future construction projects.  They acknowledge that there is no such thing as a “claim free” project but are seeking ways close out projects without resorting to arbitration or litigation at the end of the project. 

This webinar is based on interviews with experienced practitioners in the construction industry.  The resulting recommendations are derived from their experience, observations and thinking.  The webinar addresses the issues of claims mitigation and dispute avoidance during the planning, design, and bidding phases of a project.  These three phases frequently lay the groundwork for future claims, claims that do not manifest themselves until construction is underway. 

The webinar discusses actions that owners, designers and construction managers can take to help avoid claims during construction or, should they arise, resolve them on the project site and not in arbitration or litigation.  This webinar identifies 9 actions owner project teams can take during the planning phase to help avoid claims during construction.  The webinar continues with 28 actions owner teams can take during design to mitigate the potential for claims during construction.  The third portion of the webinar identifies 6 actions owners can take and 6 actions bidders can take to avoid later claims.

Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • Claims Recognition, Mitigation and Dispute Avoidance
    • The Planning Phase
    • The Design Phase
    • The Bidding Phase
    • Conclusion
  • Questions

Who should attend:

  • General contractors and their project managers
  • Project owners and their representatives
  • Design professionals
  • Construction managers
  • Construction attorneys
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