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How to Deal with Difficult People: Tools and Techniques for Transforming Toxic Behavior

1.5 Professional Development Hours

Program Overview
The skills you will learn in this program will help you master and transform challenges with prickly people. As you utilize the tools of self awareness, effective listening, open questioning, mindful emotional intelligence, and conflict management, you will reduce your stress, experience less grief, be more confident in upsetting circumstances, attain better relationships, and feel empowered to transform conflict situations into collaboration. You’ll acquire intriguing techniques and strategies to address the most testing relationships.

After Participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze personality styles so you may better handle challenging people.
  • Demonstrate self-awareness and social awareness to address needs and temperaments in tough situations.
  • Use the power of effective listening to deflect and transform anger and nastiness into effective communication.
  • Manage your own anger and frustration with very prickly acting people.
  • Reframe negativity into positivity and cooperation.
  • Engage in “solutioneering” to create trust and resolve problems.

Do you fight, flee, freeze, or ignore difficult people? Toxic-behaving people can confront you anywhere - in fact – in times of stress, you might even be perceived as one of them! Perhaps every one of us can be bad-tempered during certain moments of our lives.

Everyone needs to know how to appropriately handle people who act unreasonably - whether they are outside customers, employees, the public, or our families and friends. Difficult people are said to “push our buttons”, but with successful tools to deal with these challenging behaviours, we can manage our anger and frustration to act professionally, and consciously respond effectively.

Course Outline:

  • How to analyze personality styles to become self-aware and socially aware to address needs and temperaments in tough situations
  • How to use the power of effective listening to deflect and transform anger and nastiness in others.
  • How to manage your own anger and frustration with very prickly acting people
  • How to reframe negativity into positivity and cooperation
  • How to engage in “solutioneering” to create trust and resolve problems

Who Should Attend:

CEOs, Managers, Board Members, leaders at any level, and others who are in a position to deal effectively with challenging personalities and difficult people.

Course Rating
3.9 out of 5

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Online, 9/12/2024


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