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If You Haven’t Planned It – You Can’t Control It

Webinar Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the relationship between Planning and Controlling
  • Be reminded of all the “things” that need planning and controlling in an engineering firm
  • Understand how employee performance relates to proper planning and controlling systems
  • Realize what bad control looks like
  • Understand the role planning takes to schedule anything
  • Know the Seven Basic Steps Required to plan and control anything

Purpose and Background
Engineers, and in particular, engineering managers need to control lots of “things”:  Project budgets, schedules, scopes of work, and quality, as well as overhead costs, resource utilization, and dozen of other “things” to have a successful practice.  Far too often some strong reaction by those managers to missed expectations leaves subordinates frustrated and perhaps angry because they assumed they were doing what their “boss” expected.

To manage (or control) without plans is to manage (or control) by crisis.  This leads to the situation of sub par performance by most employees and the inability of the firm to exploit opportunities that come their way. 

Proper planning is the major investment required to meet every organizations’ (public or private) and each employees’ goals.  It is the cost of success that cannot be avoided.

Assessment of Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes for each individual and each firm attending will be measured by their behavior changes as it relates to creating a plan for anything which they expect to exert some degree of control.  A short True/False Quiz will be sent to each attendee to measure their comprehension of the principles presented.

Who Should Attend?
This webinar will benefit anyone in the firm who is responsible for the performance of other employees, from staff engineers, department managers, project managers, and possibly the firm’s executives.

Course Rating

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