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Managing Changes Efficiently in the Workplace

1.5 Professional Development Hours

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop an effective plan for managing changes in your own life as well as the workplace.
  • Lead others successfully through transition stages to cohesively embrace necessary changes.
  • Acquire the tools to strategize with your team to organize positive changes in your workplace efficiently.

Change is nothing new to leaders. To be successful, we all must evolve and adapt to changes. It is evident in life that the only constant is change itself. Organizations need to deal with continually shifting market conditions, technologies, customer demands and fierce competition. An indispensable asset of the organization of today is its ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to change.

Managing change is a challenge. People must deal with letting go, and that often will bring up fear of the unknown- especially if they are comfortable with the status quo. For those who are not comfortable, change will be more welcome. But no matter what, there will be resistance due to uncertainty.

Transitions take time to adjust because people in the organization are required to go through three processes to accept and embrace the changes. A great leader will combine his/her own strengths to adapt to change, to understand the variety of needs of his/her team, and to communicate effectively to overcome resistance. This webinar presents the context of change and empowers attendees with the tools and skills to effectively help transform systems in the workplace.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding the stages of the transitioning process leading to change
  • Effectively communicating the 4 “P” s of effective change.
  • Leading your team from “letting go” to the “neutral zone” to “moving forward”.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who is during change or must lead others through the change process will find immediate tools to use. If you must manage changes in your home, business, or an organizational environment, this webinar will give you a strategy to apply immediately. This program is especially important for Company Presidents, Business Owners, Project Managers, Plant Managers, Supervisors, CEOs, CFOs, and Human Resources Managers.

Course Rating
4.4 out of 5

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Online, 1/18/2024


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