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Negotiate Your Way to Success

1.5 Professional Development Hours

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Use the six Power Skills to negotiate effectively-both professionally and personally.
  • Utilize The “WIN-ABL” strategy to expertly plan any negotiation.
  • Confidently communicate with active listening and successful questioning to successfully manage your negotiations.
  • Attain the trust and respect of your negotiation counterparts to get a deal.
  • Competently negotiate using different styles when appropriate
  • Tactfully use negotiation “CPR” to breathe life into your negotiations.

Many people assume that negotiations are a win-lose proposition.   The myth that there is a fixed pie, leads inexperienced negotiators into competitive situations which may destroy working and personal relationships.  A small percentage of negotiations are distributive in which there is a fixed resource- one issue to resolve, price.  But most of the time. In organizational or personal negotiations, there are typically many issues and interests involved.   Seasoned negotiators expand the pie by providing value through mutually   beneficial tradeoffs among issues.

The more complex the negotiation, the greater the chance for options which will meet the true needs of the parties and the organization.  A good negotiator finds out the interests and desires of the other parties, so that he/she can use that information to enlarge the pie for all.   When negotiators stop focusing on winning each issue, and focus on mutual gain solutions, they create greater value and improve relationships while making sure that their own needs and desires are met.  Successful negotiators engage others to reveal their underlying interests rather than just their positions.

When all parties understand each other, and have a hand in “solutioneering”, successful agreements last and positive relationships endure.

Course Outline

  • How to Develop Your  True Power in Negotiations
  • How to Create a “Win-Abl” Strategy to Plan for Success
  • How to Communicate Confidently in Negotiations
  • How to Attain Respect and Trust in Negotiations
  • How to Understand Yourself and Others in  Stressful  Negotiations
  • How to Use Powerful Negotiating Skills to Get Your Interests Met

Who Should Attend?
Who Should Motivated, eager employees in a working environment who desire to reach their full potential as powerful yet respected negotiators?  This webinar is a must for those who wish to negotiate effectively with their bosses or their subordinates or even their significant others.   If you are wish to be promoted, or better handle your staff or if you want to improve your negotiation skills with vendors or for everything in your daily life. This webinar will give you success tools to use immediately You will acquire the skills s needed to establish yourself as a confident, influential leader, and a trusted, revered negotiator.

Course Rating
4.6 out of 5

Overall rating of this course by its previous attendees!


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