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Using Emotional Literacy for Better Mental Health

6 Professional Development Hours

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Define emotional literacy
  • Describe the tenants of emotional intelligence, including self-awareness
  • Understand the multifactorial role our emotions play in everyday life
  • Define the landscape of mental health currently
  • Describe the difference between stress and anxiety
  • Describe common myths and misconceptions when it comes to our emotions
  • Understand the science of emotions
  • Describe a model for building better self-awareness
  • Use the Optimal Health Pyramid as a framework for better health
  • Describe grounding techniques that can be used to help our emotions

The words anxiety and depression have become commonplace in our lexicons, not just as diagnoses but also as descriptions of how we feel. As a physician and TEDx speaker, with over 10 years of experience in the field of mental health, I have seen first-hand the importance of using emotional literacy as a tool in our understanding and even prevention of mental health disorders.

In this course, participants will start by understanding the landscape of mental health and the mental health dichotomy we currently exist in. Using emotional literacy as a preventative tool is the central theme that runs throughout the course, allowing participants real-time and real-life examples of how to approach, acknowledge and accept the emotions they are experiencing.

Course Outline

  • Welcome, Introduction, Learning Objectives, Assessment
  • The Landscape of Mental Health
  • Introduction to Emotional Literacy
  • Introduction to the Science of Emotions
  • Myths and Misconceptions around Emotions
  • The Arc of Emotions
  • Exploring Your Emotional Bed
  • The What-How-Why method
  • Conclusion, Review, Evaluation, Assessment

Who Should Attend
This course is for those who want to develop skills and strategies to support themselves and others coping with stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions.

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Online, 2/26/2024


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