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Pilot Plants: Principles of Design, Operation and Maintenance

After participating in the seminar, you will be able to:

  • Improve your knowledge of common types of pilot plants in various branches of industry
  • Familiarize yourself with main design principles of pilot plants, their construction and efficient operation
  • Apply updated information on how to follow the start-up procedures and data acquisition
  • Recognize the need for analysis of capital and operation costs of operation in batch or continuous operation mode
  • Acquire an awareness of safety associated with operation of pilot plants and protection of personnel and environment
  • Make your company products more profitable by increasing the reliability of design procedure and data validation

The design of a commercial plant can be risky & very expensive if the available experience is not sufficient enough to scale up the information from bench scale laboratory tests. Unless one has extensive experience with similar materials & products, it is very wise approach to verify the laboratory results in a pilot plant. An old saying: "Make your mistakes on a small scale & make your profit on a large scale", can be applied to pilot plants which represent intermediate stage between the laboratory simulation tests & the future industrial plant. In these cases, the decision to proceed with the full scale plant project will be based on a proven process, & on a more reliable economic estimate.

This course will cover all aspects of the consideration of pilot plants, including design, construction & operation. It will explain the main design principles of pilot plants, selection of appropriate materials for fabrication & selection & installation of the vital components of equipment.  Discussed will be the elements of financial aspects of pilot plants: systematic analysis of capital & operation costs of pilot plants will be provided. Attention in the course will also be devoted to instrumentation & control systems as well as to aspects of safety of personnel & environmental protection. All course materials will be provided.

Course Outline

  • Pilot Plant Selection & Sizing
  • Location & Organization
  • Prototypes & Scale-Up
  • Stationary & Rotating Equipment
  • Utility Connections
  • Budget Control and Cost Optimization
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • Safety & Alarm Systems
  • Inspection
  • Wastes & Environmental Protection

Who Should Attend 
Engineers & Technicians • Operators of Pilot Plants • Maintenance Technical Personnel • Supervisors & Plant Managers • Consultants & Contractors  • Inspectors & Technical personnel

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