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Safety Hot Topics - Debunking the Myths for Engineers

8 Professional Development Hours

What Attendees Can Take Away from This Course into the Workplace:

  • Safety on Construction Projects and Industrial or Commercial workplaces is not commonly taught as a part of the Engineering Curriculum. This course offers a means to offset this deficiency and provides attendees with an opportunity to learn basic yet vital safety principles and concepts pertaining to Construction Projects, System Installation Projects and Work in an industrial and commercial environment.
  • Knowledge about basic, yet vital, PPE, Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Understanding of OSHA I and I Rate Calculations
  • Be better equipped to dispel myths and misconceptions about safety.
  • Skill to perform Safety Risk Assessments of Equipment, Systems and Projects.
  • Some understanding of Arc Flash and Electrical Shock Hazard
  • Importance of ergonomics in equipment and workplace design.

This course covers important concepts in the realm of construction and workplace safety. This course is designed to cater to Project Engineers, Construction Personnel, Construction Supervision, Principals/Owners of Construction Firms and Construction Administrative Staff. This course begins with the importance of safety, supported by safety statistics and clarification of “myths” about the need for safe practices at work and at home.

Most mainstream PPE, Personal Protective Equipment and their proper use are introduced through illustrations and in-class discussion. The importance of Workplace Environmental Safety and Health - namely, indoor air quality - is covered with emphasis on HVAC Systems and Mold Issues, as pertinent to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The latter part of this course deals with one of the most significant hazards in almost any environment, “fire.”

Attendees are introduced to fire classifications and associated fire extinguishers. Hazards, arc flash (NFPA 70E), and lockout tag-out best practices are covered.

Topics to be Covered:

  • Importance of safety in the workplace
  • Methods and best practices for identification, quantification and mitigation of safety risks
  • PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, and its proper use
  • An important discussion on elevated work
  • Learn about the importance of workplace environmental health and safety
  • Discuss “fire” a common yet serious hazard, and the selection of a proper fire extinguisher.
  • Lock-out and tag-out best practices.
  • Brief Review of Arc Flash and Electrical Shock Hazard
  • Ergonomics and its importance in designing equipment, tools and workstations.

Who should attend:

  • Engineers of all disciplines
  • Licensed Professional Engineers who need to meet the annual or biennial license renewal PDH (Professional Development Hour) or CEU (Continuing Education Units) requirements.
  • Facilities and Maintenance Managers
  • Safety Engineers and Supervisors
  • Project Engineers and Project Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Purchasing/Procurement Professionals
  • Technicians with Plant Maintenance Responsibility in Industrial, Commercial or Institutional Environments
  • Other professionals whose annual PLP, Performance and Learning Program, includes acquiring facilities management knowledge.
Course Rating
4.7 out of 5

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Online, 9/15/2024


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