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Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals for Non-Mechanical Engineers

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After participating in the webinar, you will:

  • Gain familiarity with the physical tests and analytical methods associated with the determination of strengths of materials
  • Have better appreciation of the how forces, on beams in static equilibrium, are analyzed, in determinate support scenarios.
  • Be able to calculate forces in members of simple truss systems, using the method of sections and be able to analyze motion of objects in the kinematic and kinetic realms.
  • Have basic familiarity with fundamentals of thermodynamics and refrigeration cycle.
  • Have gained basic understanding of methods for analyzing static and dynamic fluid systems.

Program Description
Learn how to make your technical interface with mechanical engineers, mechanical contractors and mechanics more productive and effective. Learn basic mechanical engineering principles, concepts and analytical methods in an easy to understand format. Learn about mechanics and strengths of materials. Learn to perform straightforward and common calculations associated with beam and truss analysis, objects in static equilibrium, objects in kinetic motion or kinematic motion.

Learn about basics of thermodynamics, static and dynamic fluids.

Course Outline

  • Mechanical Engineering Concepts, Principles and System of units
  • Materials and Mechanics of Materials
  • Determinate Analyses of Beams in Static Equilibrium
  • Truss Analysis
  • Dynamics – Kinematics
  • Dynamics – Kinetics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Refrigeration Cycle
  • Fluid Statics & Dynamics
  • Engineering Economics & Financial Analysis of Engineering Projects

Who Should Attend

  • Non-Mechanical Engineers
  • Facility Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Energy Engineers and Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Safety Managers
  • Architects

Optional Reference Material:
Thermodynamics Made Simple for Energy Engineers, By S. Bobby Rauf, Fairmont Press.

Daily Schedule:
11:30 AM – 3:30 PM, ET.

Course Rating
4.4 out of 5

Overall rating of this course by its previous attendees!


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on 5/23/2019

Edmonton, AB
on 11/18/2019

Richmond, BC
on 12/2/2019

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