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Transportation Planning: A Four-Step Process

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After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify land use and transportation variables that influence vehicle trip generation rates
  • Estimate the total number of trips generated in the study area using the trip generation models 
  • Use the outputs of the trip generation models to determine the number of trips between all zone pairs using the trip distribution models
  • Estimate the shares of these trips for different modes using mode choice models
  • Use the traffic assignment models to estimate the traffic volume on each link of the network

This course prepares students for entry into one of the largest industries in Canada; the transportation industry. It provides students with the basic skills and confidence needed to secure jobs in this prosperous industry.

Gain a broad overview of the knowledge of travel demand modelling which forms the primary input to any decision related to construction and management of transportation facilities such as roads, intersection, parking lots, transit system, etc.  You will also learn the four components of the travel demand analysis for a study area: Trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice and route assignment.

 Course Outline

  • Introduction to the Four-step Transportation Planning Process
  • Trip Generation
  • Trip Distribution
  • Modal Choice
  • Route Assignment
  • Model Calibration
  • Application: Design Mass Transit Route

Who Should Attend:
Transportation planning practitioners who work for municipal, provincial, and federal government transportation planning agencies • Traffic/transportation Engineers • Professionals new to the field or new immigrants to Canada looking for a refresher course; • Students in transportation analysis, modeling and planning

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