Technical Exams Preparation Courses .

Technical Exams Preparation Class Schedule

Our next Technical Exams Preparation Courses will be starting in September 2019. Please check below for the full schedule. Dates & times are posted for classroom courses only. Dates/times subject to change. More courses will be added, so check back frequently for an updated list.

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Course Title
Sep 16 - Nov 23, 2019
Mississauga, ON
To be announced
Mississauga, ON
Sep 16 - Nov 23, 2019
Mississauga, ON

Ethics & Law Workshops

EPIC offers this workshop not only as a preparation for the Professional Practice Examination (PPE), but also as a general workshop for people interested in understanding the ethical and legal implications and expectations as practiced in the Engineering profession in Canada. The workshop is typically offered in two parts (A and B) on two consecutive Saturdays 3-4 times per year.

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