CFD Investigation of a Centrifugal Compressor Derived from Pump Technology for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide as a Working Fluid

By Seong Gu Kim, Jekyoung Lee, Yoonhan Ahn, Jeong Ik Lee, Yacine Addad, Bockseong Ko

This is the accepted manuscript that was edited and appeared in the Journal of Supercritical Fluids.

As part of the ongoing research and development of the next generation reactors, an alternative power conversion system is required to utilize higher turbine inlet temperature compared to the existing commercial nuclear reactors. While various Brayton cycles are studied, the supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton (S-CO2) cycle is considered as the most promising and attractive candidate due to its relatively high efficiency at a modest turbine inlet temperature region (450oC -750oC) with compact turbomachinery size and simple layout.

With these advantages, S-CO2 cycle can be considered as a strong candidate of a power conversion systems including concentrated solar power, coal power system or a bottoming cycle of fuel cells.

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