Our Most Popular Courses Are Now Online

Published Date :  September 22, 2020

At EPIC Training, we offer leading training solutions for engineers and experienced technical professionals looking to earn continuing education units. Our popular in-class courses have been converted to accommodate online learning. Our online courses provide the same engaging interactive material led by a live qualified instructor with the added benefits of:

  • Flexibility for your busy schedule.
  • Ability to learn from the comfort of your home.
  • Accessibility no matter your location.
  • Variety of available courses to enroll in.

Available Online Engineering Training Courses

We currently offer many unique online courses, including:

Like our in-class sessions, these courses are robust, comprehensive, and designed with practical engineering goals in mind. Courses are offered on different dates with varying start times, allowing you to choose the courses that best fit your busy schedule. Course lengths range from 1-hour short lectures to 30 hours of in-depth, instructor-led training to suit your educational needs.

With our recent change to offering courses online, EPIC Courses have received an overall average satisfaction rating of 4.5 / 5. Here's what previous attendees have to say:

"I was disappointed to learn the course would be held online instead of in person however I was very impressed with the experience. Having the instructor live and not recorded made the experience very similar to a live course."
Kristen Mitchell, Electrical Engineer

"I wasn't sure how this was going to work virtually but was pleasantly surprised that it worked very well. Course material covered everything I was hoping to get out of the course."
Brooke Bennett, Sr. Environmental Technologist
Syncrude Canada Ltd

"I found the online delivery preferable to classroom delivery, as I could have the Code and my own Word notes file up on my second screen while watching and listening to the presentation on the other screen. For me, this is a preferred method of attending a training session. There was a lot of really good information on resistive grounding and other items that I had not previously been aware of."
Tim Epp, President and Principal Engineer
Silver Mountain Engineering Ltd

Enroll in an online course today to start your training and continuing education!

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