The Advantages of Instructor-Led Online Training

Published Date :  October 27, 2020

When it comes to continuing education, many professionals find online courses appealing. It's flexible, inexpensive, and can be done anywhere with internet connection. However, many online courses come in the form of prerecorded webinars and modules. At EPIC Training, we offer Instructor-Led Online Training (ILT).

Classes are taught by a live, qualified instructor and students receive an immersive learning experience like in the classroom, except they can do so while working remotely. Here's why engineering corporations and professionals should incorporate ILT in their overall training.

Immersive Experience

ILT gives students the opportunity to learn through participation. This requires not only the attention of the learner, but also of the instructor. Instructors can respond to questions in real-time and adjust their lecture to fit the needs of their students. The speaker can use activities such as brainstorming, role-playing, or group discussions to keep students engaged. Education experts also state that participation allows for students to learn from each other.

Not everyone is comfortable with participation, especially in front of a larger audience. Unlike traditional classroom-based learning, students can submit answers and questions anonymously with platform chat features. This option allows everyone to get the most out of their learning experience without feeling shy or uncomfortable.

Focused and Flexible Learning

Classroom learning provides structure but requires a large time commitment. Online learning is flexible but can be difficult to stay on track. ILT brings the best of both worlds together. ILT can be done from anywhere with a computer but still requires engagement from the learner. This way, distractions are limited, and students retain knowledge from the continuous flow of information from the instructor.

Some experts say that once distracted, it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to work. This can cause students to forget information and stretch out the amount of time it takes for them to complete the course. Having a dedicated timeframe for learning that fits within students' busy schedules offers both flexibility and structure. At EPIC, we offer online training at various times throughout the week.

Cost-Effective Customization

Courses can be customizable to a corporation's unique team at a fair price when they're online and instructor-led. Organizations don't have to pay for the cost of transportation or hard copy training materials. Additionally, instructors can easily disseminate the appropriate information through online channels rather than restructuring modules and course outlines.

With the ability to connect from anywhere, a qualified instructor who specializes in the requested topic is readily available. If you have a group requiring training, EPIC can create a customized online course based on your specific needs and requirements.

ILT is an effective method of learning that combines the benefits of traditional classroom-based learning and online learning. It allows for an immersive experience through participation, is flexible with busy schedules and provides structure, and is a cost-effective way to enhance your team's knowledge.

We offer many robust and comprehensive topics that have an overall satisfaction rating of 4.5/5.

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