Why You Need Customized Group Training for Your Team

Published Date :  December 2, 2020

Professional development as an engineering professional is ongoing, especially when new projects arise. Not only does EPIC Training offer Instructor-Led Online Training (ILT) for individuals, but we can also accommodate our course offerings both on-site and online for engineering teams.

Group training is a convenient, cost-effective way for teams to bridge a skill gap and stay up to date with industry best practices. There are several reasons why group training with EPIC offers advantages over traditional training.

Cost-Effective Training

Group training with EPIC offers a cost-effective solution that many online and traditional training programs do not. Off-site training requires organizations to pay for transportation, training, and loss of work production hours. With our on-site training, downtime is minimal, and organizations only pay for the cost of training.

Increased Productivity

There are upfront costs associated with education, but when tailored to an organization's needs, the rewards can be great. Our instructors seek to understand issues with team members and encourage open discussion surrounding upcoming projects.

When training is offered through traditional public courses, the content is often not directly targeted to the requirements of your organization. With EPIC's group training, instructors can provide solutions for worksite specific equipment or challenges and help develop applicable team skills. All these factors will greatly boost an employee's productivity, which will result in maximized ROI on the training costs.

Convenient and Flexible

Group training offers a convenient and flexible learning experience when conducted on-site or online. With in-house training, instructors travel to the job site, reducing the work hours lost for training.

When online group training is offered through ILT, it can allow teams to learn while working remotely. Since instructors can also lead the courses from their home office, course times can be easily adjusted to accommodate various schedules. In both cases, scheduling can be adjusted to work best for the organization.

Team Building

Since EPIC offers ILT for groups and easy customization, team building is a key benefit of our training. Instructors help engineering teams work through real-life problems using activities such as brainstorming, role-playing, and group discussion to keep students engaged and listening to one another.

Group training allows teams to enhance their current skills and develop new ones. EPIC's unique ILT group training combines online learning and traditional classroom learning to offer organizations an education solution at a cost-effective price. It directly increases productivity, is flexible in terms of both content and scheduling, and develops team relationships.

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