Formwork, Shoring and Scaffolding: Materials, Economy and Design

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Jan 26 - 28, 2022 /
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Please note, This instructor-led course has specific dates and times:
This course is held online over 3 days on the following schedule (All times in Eastern Time Zone):

Day 1: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern (Will include the usual breaks)
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Day 3: 10:00 am to 1:30 pm Eastern (Will include the usual breaks)

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply formwork analysis and design skills to concrete structures
  • Understand the safety issues related to formwork and the responsibility of designing a safe and functional formwork for concrete
  • Apply economy and safety principles and considerations in formwork design
  • Gain engineering judgment on formwork materials and their allowable stresses
  • Evaluate formwork design options for various reinforced concrete members

Designers devote great effort to optimizing sizes of reinforced concrete members to achieve economical design. Formwork costs are often overlooked. Yet, this cost can exceed that of the reinforcing steel and concrete combined. Also, formwork failure is a safety concern and frustration for project stakeholders. Designers must ensure the safety and effectiveness of formwork and site personnel are responsible for ensuring that formwork is built as designed. Hence, knowledge on formwork design and erection is essential.

This course provides participants with state-of-the art knowledge on formwork materials and design.

Focus will be on solving problems that allow delegates to apply principles to real world design cases.

Course Outline:

  • Economy and cost considerations of formwork
  • Formwork materials
  • Pressure of fresh concrete on formwork
  • Design of concrete formwork
  • Examples of formwork applications and design
  • Special formwork topics
  • Shoring and scaffolding
  • Serviceability and deflections

Who Should Attend:
Construction, Civil and Materials Engineers • Designers • Site Engineers • Formwork Technologists and Technicians • Construction personnel • Project Coordinators and Estimators

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Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time

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Welcome, Introduction, Course Preview, Learning Outcomes, and Assessment Method

Economy and Cost Considerations of Formwork

  • Cost of formwork in a project
  • Structural design, loads, element size, member repletion
  • Economy in formwork design
  • Economy in formwork erection
  • Economy in formwork removal

Formwork Materials

  • Lumber and plywood
  • Steel and aluminum forms
  • Plastic forms
  • Form liners
  • Form nails
  • Timber connectors
  • Form ties and anchors

Pressure of Fresh Concrete on Formwork

  • Lateral pressure of concrete on formwork
  • Example: wall forms
  • Example: column forms
  • Effect of casting rate (form filling rate)
  • Effect of member height
  • Vertical loads on formwork
  • The special case of self-consolidating concrete

Design of Concrete Formwork

  • Design codes and provisions for formwork
  • Design of formwork for columns
  • Design of formwork for walls and columns
  • Design of formwork for slabs and beams
  • Design of formwork for bridge decks

Serviceability and Deflections in Formwork Design Shores and scaffolding

  • Deflection limits
  • Loads on formwork
  • Types of formwork
  • Rate of construction
  • Deflection calculation examples

Special Formwork Systems

  • Flying deck forms
  • Slip forms
  • Patented formwork systems
  • Top-down construction

Shoring and Scaffolding

  • Shoring and scaffolding systems and design
  • Excavation dewatering and support
  • Cofferdams and tremie concrete

Building and Erecting Formwork

  • Formwork drawings
  • Formwork safety
  • Building formwork for footings
  • Building formwork for walls
  • Building formwork for columns
  • Building formwork for slabs and beams
  • Shoring

Effective Use of Formwork

  • Placing reinforcement and inserts
  • Preparation and concreting
  • Removal of formwork and shores
  • Reshoring


Moncef L. Nehdi, P.Eng., Professor, FACI

Dr. Moncef L. Nehdi, Ph.D., P. Eng.

Moncef is an award winning academic, researcher, teacher and industry manager with over 25 years of experience in concrete technology, durability, sustainability and structural applications. He is a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Western University, and the Founder and Director of NCS Inc. He previously was Technical Director for Imasco Minerals Inc. and Technical Manager for BCS and MTL. A Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, the American Concrete Institute and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering , he is recipient of many awards including the Ontario Premier’s Research Excellence Award, the Ontario Professional Engineers (PEO) Engineering Medal for Research and Development, the ACI Young Member Award for Professional Achievement, the CSCE Horst Liepholz Medal, the CSCE Whitman White Award, the Bill Curtin Metal from the UK’s Institution of Civil Engineers, the ASEE Faculty Fellow Award for Excellence in Engineering Education, along with several best paper awards. He has also been an invited keynote speaker for several international conferences. Moncef has been providing consulting services for high profile projects in Canada and abroad for related concrete technology and concrete structures. A prolific author with more than 350 peer-reviewed publications, he has been active in several technical committees of the American Concrete Institute and the Canadian Standards Association, and a member of the Editorial boards of several technical journals. .

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