Helical Piles – Performance and Design

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Nov 18, 2024 /
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10:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern (Will include the usual breaks)

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine the suitability of helical piles for a wide range of soil types.
  • Determine the ultimate axial and lateral capacity of helical piles.
  • Learn installation methods, monitoring, and documentation.
  • How to conduct full-scale tests and interpretation of results.

This course is intended to provide a detailed understanding of helical piles technology. This course includes a description of helical piles, installation methods, advantages and disadvantages, and the design of helical piles under axial and lateral loads.

Several case studies and design examples will be provided.

Course Outline

  • Introduction and site investigation
  • Pile types
  • Helical piles – definition and historical development
  • Advantages of helical piles
  • Installation method of helical piles
  • Load transfer mechanism
  • Compression Ultimate capacity – LRFD
  • Pullout Ultimate capacity – LRFD
  • Torque-to-capacity calculations
  • Lateral capacity – Load transfer and LRFD design
  • Material Specifications
  • Pre-engineered sections
  • Installation effects
  • Special considerations

Who Should Attend

Geotechnical Engineers • Structural Engineers • Developers • Contractors • Public Work Engineers/Officials • Hydro and Transmission Towers Public and Private Officials • Engineers and Technicians

More Information

Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time

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  • Introduction and site investigation
  • Helical piles - definition and historical development
  • Advantages of helical piles
  • Installation method of helical piles
  • Load transfer mechanism -
    • Compression in sand
    • Compression in clay
    • Pull out in sand
    • Pullout in clay
  • Compression Ultimate capacity
  • Pullout Ultimate capacity
  • Torque-to-capacity calculations
  • Lateral capacity - Load transfer and design
  • Installation effects
  • Special considerations
  • Solved Examples


Meckkey El-Sharnouby, PhD, P.Eng.

Dr. Meckkey El-Sharnouby is a Principal Engineer at Atlantic Industries Limited and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. El-Sharnouby has been developing and designing geostructural systems for over 15 years. His expertise includes underground structures, marine terminal infrastructure, linear infrastructure, surface mining, machine foundations, geodynamic engineering, computational geomechanics and sustainability. He was recently involved in designing and constructing the largest span buried structure, which earned a Guinness World Record in the UAE.

His global expertise extends from North America, South America, and the Middle East to New Zealand. Dr. Meckkey earned his master’s and Ph.D. from Western University, authored several publications and presented at numerous international conferences. He is involved in developing MSE walls and buried bridge sections in the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CSA-S6-19 and 24).


The Engineering Institute of Canada

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Helical Piles – Performance and Design   Online | Nov 12, 2025
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