Total Building Commissioning Process

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Dec 6 - 7, 2023 /
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After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Detail the major energy components of total building commissioning
  • incorporate the commissioning process in a successful design and construction approach as well as the transition from the current design-build-supervise process to the commissioning process
  • specify the key steps and tools used in the total building commissioning process
  • recognize commissioning and recommissioning processes as accepted practices for building owners
  • adopt the total building commissioning process principles in your organization

Building commissioning, a tool initially developed for HVAC systems, is being extended to all new building energy systems. Many major companies and government agencies now require the commissioning process on new construction and renovation projects. Owners of institutional, commercial, and industrial buildings and large multi-unit residential buildings must use proven quality management tools and process systems that match their needs, meet their budgets and schedules and reduce operating problems (cost quality, energy efficiency).

In this course, you will consider the primary goals of the building commissioning process for new construction and briefly explore the activities and roles of recommissioning for existing buildings that have already been commissioned, retro-commissioning for buildings that have not yet been commissioned, and continuous commissioning.

Course Outline

  • The Total (HVAC, Lighting, and Building Envelope) Commissioning Process: New Construction
  • The Total Commissioning Phases
  • Pre-Design and Design Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Acceptance Phase
  • LEED Building Commissioning VAC, Lighting, and Building Envelope)
  • EnergyStar® Building (High-Rise) Commissioning
  • Commissioning for Energy Standards and Management

Who Should Attend
Project Managers • Contractors and Trade Representatives • Municipal Engineers and Managers • Building Owners • Maintenance staff and Managers • Construction Managers • Building Designers

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Time: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Eastern Time

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Day I

Introduction, Course Preview, Learning Outcomes, and Assessment Method

The Total (HVAC, Lighting, and Building Envelope) Commissioning Process: New Construction

  • Introduction to building commissioning
  • The fundamental objectives of the commissioning process
  • Definition of commissioning
  • Benefits of the total building commissioning process
  • Do we need a building commissioning authority

The Total Commissioning Phases

  • Pre-Design phase
  • Design Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Acceptance Phase

Pre-Design and Design Phase

  • Objectives
  • Pre-design/design commissioning process
  • Pre-design/design commissioning team
  • Developing the commissioning plan
  • Commissioning specifications
  • OPR & BOD preparation
  • Design phase commissioning process activities & responsibilities
  • Pre-design/design phase activities
  • Commissioning process progress reports

Construction Phase

  • Objectives
  • Construction phase responsibilities and activities
  • Construction phase commissioning process
  • Update the commissioning plan
  • Commissioning responsibilities matrix (CRM): sample
  • Review submittals
  • Developing test procedures/data records
  • Team Meetings

Acceptance Phase

  • Objectives
  • Acceptance phase responsibilities and activities
  • Functional performance verification test (FPVT)
  • Deferred testing
  • Issue log and deficiency resolution
  • Verification phase-test execution and functional performance verification
  • Functional performance test forms: sample of standard procedure for variable frequency drives
  • Training direction and verification
  • Commissioning corrective action report
  • Record documents, operation and maintenance information
  • Systems manual review and verification
  • Updating the commissioning plan, the OPR and BOD
  • Final commissioning report
  • Acceptance phase documentation


LEED Building Commissioning

  • Sustainability principle and LEED
  • Advantages of LEED certification
  • The role of commissioning in LEED certification
  • Fundamental building commissioning
  • Commissioning report components
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Best Practice commissioning

EnergyStar® Building (High-Rise) Commissioning

  • Program Requirements
  • Building Envelope Commissioning
  • HVAC Commissioning
  • Lighting Commissioning
  • Certification documentation

Commissioning for Energy Management

  • Commissioning new buildings for energy management
  • Continuous commissioning process
  • Uses of commissioning in the energy management process
  • Ensuring optimum building performance
  • Energy audit
  • Energy modelling
  • Measurement and verification and International performance measurement and verification protocol (IPMVP)
  • Building Recommissioning
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Energy Standards – CSA and ASHRAE

Questions and Answers, Feedback on Achievement of Learning Outcomes


Philip Fung, P.Eng., CEM, LEED AP BD+C

Phil is Managing Principal of SRS Consulting Engineers Inc., a sustainable engineering design company specializing in sustainable buildings design, energy modeling, LEED certification management, and building commissioning in the commercial marketplace.  Phil has over 25 years’ experience in the engineering design industry first with industrial automation and robotics design, then the design of intelligent buildings, and now designing sustainable buildings.  Phil has designed 50+ energy efficient buildings across Ontario utilizing energy modeling tools and is currently managing over 200,000 m2 GFA of sustainable buildings and LEED certification projects.  One of the LEED projects has recently been granted LEED Gold status.  Phil has an excellent practical understanding of sustainable and energy efficient design, energy modeling, and LEED rating systems and certification process.  Phil has provided sustainable and energy efficient buildings consulting services to both public and private sectors that include City of Toronto, York Region, City of Stouffville, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, IBM, Pemberton Group, FRAM Building Group, Monarch Corporation, Great Lands Corporation, Shane Baghai Developments, Del Ridge Homes, Camrost-Felcorp, Lamb Development, and Toronto Community Housing Corporation.

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