Advanced Power Generation Gas Turbines, Co-generation and Combined Cycle Plants

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Nov 16 - 17, 2023 /
Course Code: 14-1117-ONL23

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Please note, This instructor-led course has specific dates and times:
This course is held online over 2 days on the following schedule (All times in Eastern Time Zone):

9:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern (Will include the usual breaks and lunch)

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand fundamentals and facts of power generation in heat engines and their efficiency
  • Gain knowledge about typical gas turbine and steam turbines and their energy cycles
  • Understand cogeneration and combined cycle plants and their difference
  • Realize the cost of commercial power generation
  • Benefit from the result of cogeneration and combined plants

This two-day course covers the subjects of co-generation and combined cycle plants in detail and with emphasis on the rationale, economical benefits and the impact on environment.

The fundamentals how a gas turbine and a steam turbine work are explained. Then how, by the nature of their operational properties, we can benefit from combining their cycles is discussed.

Some necessary principles of electric power are included for completeness.

Course Outline

  • Electric Power Generation
  • Heat Engines and Efficiency
  • Carnot and Rankine Cycle
  • Steam Turbine
  • Gas Turbine
  • Co-generation
  • Combined Cycles
  • Electric Systems
  • Active and Reactive Power Regulation
  • Unit power transformer requirements
  • Generator Relay Protection
  • Generator types and efficency
  • Active and Reactive Droop Control
  • Bulk Electrical System PRC Standards Requirements
  • Distributed Generation Concept
  • Typical turbine control

Who Should Attend
Those involved in power generation:
design engineers • facility engineers • engineering consultants • managers working in utility companies • power generation operators • utility companies technical personnel

More Information

Time: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Eastern Time

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Day I

Electric Power Generation

  • Sources of energy
  • Cost of energy
  • Economics of power generation
  • Environment issues

Heat Engines and Efficiency

  • Basics
  • Types of heat engine
  • Examples
  • Scale of energy conversion
  • Cost versus size
  • Efficiency and size

Carnot and Rankine Cycles

  • Principles
  • Definitions
  • Examples of Carnot and Rankine data
  • Real system examples

Steam Turbine

  • Steam turbine operation and control
  • Main components
  • Typical data
  • Size range and examples

Day 2

Gas Turbine

  • Gas turbine operation and control
  • Main components
  • Typical data
  • Size range and examples


  • Definition
  • Example
  • Efficiency
  • Economic benefits
  • Environmental benefits

Combined Cycle Plants

  • Definition
  • Difference between co-generation and combined cycles
  • Example
  • Efficiency
  • Economic benefits
  • Environmental benefits

Electric System

  • AC Electricity main parameters and relationships
  • 3-phase alternators, standard generator in conventional power plants
  • Transmission and distribution

Active and Reactive Power Regulation

Generator Capability Curves

Unit Power Transformer Requirements

Generator Relay Protection

Active and Reactive Droop Control

Bulk Electrical System PRC Standards Requirements

Distributed Generation Concept

Tipical Turbine Control


Eduard Loiczli, P.Eng.

Dr. Eduard Loiczli is a Senior Electrical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in motors and drives. His most outstanding contributions are related to the development of a High Speed Magnetic Levitation System; Vector Control System for Streetcars and Subways; and Medium Voltage 4.16Kv Drive for up to 4.5MW Induction Motor.

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$1295 + taxes

  • 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • 14 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)
  • ECAA Annual Professional Development Points

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