Motor Protection

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Feb 27 - 28, 2023 /
Course Code: 13-0207-ONL23

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Please note, This instructor-led course has specific dates and times:
This course is held online over 2 days on the following schedule (All times in Eastern Time Zone):

9:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern

After participating in this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand motor protection fundamentals
  • Identify potential improvements to existing motor protection systems
  • Know how to specify motor protection schemes for new equipment
  • Calculate and apply settings for various protection elements
  • Grasp the concepts discussed in IEEE Standard 242-2001, Recommended Practice for Protection and Coordination of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems and its relation to the motor protection approaches discussed in the applicable section of CEC-2012.

This course covers a range of topics related to electrical motor protection in industrial settings. In addition to theoretical explanations, real-world examples of motor protection schemes are presented to give attendees knowledge that can be put into practice immediately.

To provide participants with a solid understanding of motor protection application concepts. Participants will leave the course with the tools and knowledge necessary to address motor protection projects in their own work environments.

Course Outline

  • Faults in power systems and fault levels
  • Introduction to instrument transformers
  • Motor protection fundamentals
  • Relay protection elements overview
  • Motor protection overview
  • Thermal model elements
  • Jogging block, load-jam, and load-loss elements and settings
  • Current unbalance (46), phase reversal, speed switch, and breaker failure elements RTD-based protection
  • Other protection elements
  • Testing examples of a relay

Who Should Attend

  • Electrical engineers
  • design engineers
  • protection engineers
  • maintenance personnel
  • technologists including electricians
  • anyone responsible for the design, construction, installation, inspection, operation and maintenance of motor protection elements at facilities of any size
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Time: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Eastern Time

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Day 1

  • Welcome, Introduction, Course Preview, Learning Outcomes and Assessment Method
  • Faults in Power Systems and fault levels
  • Introduction to Instrument Transformers, i.e., Current Transformers and Voltage Transformers
  • Motor Protection Fundamentals
  • Relay Protection Elements Overview
  • Motor Protection Overview: Undervoltage, Overcurrent Elements, Overload (Phase Overcurrent)
  • Differential Protection
  • Practical Exercise
  • Thermal Model Elements

Day II

  • Jogging Block, Load-Jam, and Load-Loss Elements and Settings
  • Current Unbalance (46), Phase Reversal, Speed Switch, and Breaker Failure Elements
  • RTD-Based Protection
  • Other Protection Elements
  • Testing examples of a relay
  • Relay Examples in the Market: GE 369, 469, SEL 710, 710-5
  • Questions and Answers – Feedback to Participants on Achievement of Learning Outcomes

Concluding Remarks and Final Adjournment


Eduard Loiczli, P.Eng.

Dr. Eduard Loiczli is a Senior Electrical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in motors and drives. His most outstanding contributions are related to the development of a High Speed Magnetic Levitation System; Vector Control System for Streetcars and Subways; and Medium Voltage 4.16Kv Drive for up to 4.5MW Induction Motor.

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  • 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • 14 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)
  • ECAA Annual Professional Development Points

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