How to Give and Receive Effective Feedback

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Feb 7, 2019 /
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Webinar Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why all behavior communicates, both verbal and nonverbal
  • Realize the importance of effective communication in achieving all corporate and individual goals
  • Learn the deficiencies in the manner in which we regularly communicate
  • Understand the two biggest mistakes most communicators make
  • Know the reasons why effective feedback is so important
  • Learn how to give and receive meaningful feedback
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback in two different scenarios

Purpose and Background
The most important and fundamental tool that every engineer and engineering manager uses to accomplish anything and everything is communication.  That tool is totally ineffective unless there is a transfer of understanding between the sender and the receiver.  The essence of effective communication is to achieve some desired result, i.e. that is an exchange which produces a change in the knowledge, thinking, or behavior between the sender and the receiver.

Most of the time there is little or no feedback given by either party to determine that the message has been received and fully understood. This webinar will explore the details of how to be more accomplished as both a sender and a receiver through the use of an appropriate feedback process

Assessment of Learning Outcomes
The primary learning outcomes for each participant will come with a 2-4 week period after they have adopted the recommendations and made the necessary changes to make effective feedback a daily habit.  Two self assessment surveys will be given to measure your overall communication effectiveness and a second one to measure your ability to be a good listener.
Both of these surveys can and should be given to others that you work with for them to evaluate your communication skills.

Who Should Attend?
This webinar will benefit every single person in any technical or even non-technical organization, especially those that are responsible for the performance of others, from staff engineers or department managers, to project managers, and to the firm’s executives.

Time: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

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Gary Bates

Gary Bates, a partner in the management consulting firm of Roenker Bates Group, is a former construction industry senior executive and educator. He has specialized in the techniques of "effective management through positive communication" and "systems for continuous improvement."

As a registered professional engineer, Gary has nearly three decades of experience in the management of organizations and related design and construction projects valued over $1 billion for domestic and international markets. This included the general management of a 5 office, 700 employee architectural/engineering operations and the development of a new engineering market in Europe and Africa. The last twenty-three years have involved a wide variety of consultation, facilitation, and training programs for numerous organizations, mostly in the design, construction, and health care industries. He is known nationally for his expertise in partnering, team-building, contract negotiations, and effective communication, and has facilitated or presented at over 600 workshops, seminars, or meetings throughout the US and abroad.

He received his Bachelor and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky. Gary is an active member of the American Arbitration Association and former member of Rotary International. He is active in many other professional and civic organizations including the American Society of Civil Engineers, for which he is the Editor-Emeritus of the Journal of Management in Engineering, an international publication. He is the co-author of the book Win-Win Negotiating: A Professional's Playbook. Gary has been listed in many biographical registries, including Who’s Who in the Midwest and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.


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