Quality, innovation, excellence.

Our motto is simple: quality, first. Every EPIC course is robust, comprehensive and designed with practical goals in mind – whether it’s to help you advance your career, prepare you for professional exams or enhance your staff’s skills. We bring together the country’s leading continuing education specialists to teach over 300 courses every year.

EPIC courses are developed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Comprehensive and of the highest quality
  • Application-oriented
  • To address current industry demands
  • Help learners upgrade current skills to new jobs
  • Customized training to adapt to a learner’s needs
  • Evaluation of programs to ensure learning objectives were achieved
  • Continuous improvement based on feedback

Structured, practical, affordable

EPIC courses are customized to your needs. You can choose: in-person training in one of our modern, innovative classrooms; on-site training; or online training. Our goal is to help you achieve and further your professional success – and we strive to deliver training solutions that truly meet your needs.

We are committed to keep our training programs affordable to ensure people have access to the skills and training they need to advance their career. Don’t see the course you’re looking for? Suggest one – and we’ll work on developing it.

And, our wide network of industry connections helps ensure you are set up for success – from the moment you complete a course.

We make every effort to not explicitly promote the interests of any third party products or technologies that may compromise the quality and integrity of our courses. In cases where training purposes are related to third party products, technologies, or other interests, the affiliation will be disclosed to participants prior to the course.