Testimonials and Success Stories

For over 12 years, students of the EPIC Technical Exam Preparation Program have been achieving success on their exams and been able to get certified as Practicing Engineers in Canada.

Here are just a few of the satisfied students who were able to accomplish their goals:

I was really happy with the course and especially with Dr. Ahmed Elhadidy.

- Ignacio Pano

Mohamed Ahmed, instructor, he is very smart, well organized and dedicated into his instruction.

- Qiu Jinghua

I must mention that this wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance provided by Mohamed and Osama. Great mentors.

- Arinder Matharu

I would like to thank EPIC and instructor Mohammed Sadek for giving us the right guidance and advice to pass the exams.

- Sam Mathews

Noah is a very passionate about teaching - he is very knowledgeable and encouraging.

He is willing to spend extra time to help us. He starts with basics and can quickly get us up-to-speed.

He is very easy going and has a good sense of humor.

I really enjoyed the course. Many Thanks to our instructor Noah!

- Li Chang

I will recommend EPIC to all international engineers that want to pass PEO, and Dr Rashid is number one in teaching, EPIC is the best place for education with honest and good faith!

Many thanks to Everyone contribute to this success.

- Safa Witwit

Mr. Noah has a passion for teaching, if he feels willing from students, he is ready to put more time than what he is asked to put.

- Ali Razavi

I am thankful to Dr. Noah for his dedication, guidance and the way of explaining examples and theories. This really helped me for the exam.

Because of his direction, I got 100% in Design and manufacturing of Machine element and 75% in Product design and development.

I would say it’s not possible without his efforts. I am thankful to EPIC, who give proper information prior to select subjects.

- Devendra Trivedi

I am so pleased with the Structural Analysis and Transportation Teacher for helping and deep support in those two prep courses.

Without their guidance and help I can't achieve good performance. I got 93% in Elementary Structural Analysis. Many thanks to Dr. Aly Emam and Dr. Yoassry Elzohairy.

- A.K.M. Selim

I took the online course from EPIC for 16 -Elec-A6 Power Systems and Machines and 16-Elec-B4 Information Technology Networks for PEO confirmatory exam.

I received 75% in 16 -Elec-A6 Power Systems and Machines and 73% in 16-Elec-B4 Information Technology Networks.

The rest of the exam has been waived for good performance.

I am very thankful to EPIC and special thanks to EPIC teacher Ahmed - (16-Elec-A6 Power Systems and Machine teacher)

- Ravi Raj

I'd like to say that Dr. Mohamed Hassan Ahmed is really an amazing instructor.

He's always willing to share with us his knowledge and experience. He spends extra time to answer the questions by email. And his teaching style makes the lessons enjoyable.

Thank you very much for all the help. I can't get the good marks without attending your class.

ELEC-A6 - 100%

ELEC-B7 - 93%

- Beixuan Yang

I received my results for the Engineering Economics exam of December 2016. I scored 84%.

Instructor, Yasser was very good and knowledgeable. I liked his teaching.

Thank you for the help in preparing for the exam.

- Elizabeth Philip

The Transportation and Planning Engineering course was good and your instructor Mr. Elzohairy was a really great instructor.

- Elymyr Papio

I like to thank Dr Khaled Sennah & Dr Ashraf Dab, for their excellent instructions and their assistance in having me passed the two courses 98- CIVB1& B2.

Their assistance for me, was very valuable. I would like to thank Epic for their recommendations.

They worked very diligently in helping me to score the passing grades.

- George Mikhael

Thank you so much. I indeed appreciate EPIC and my instructor, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed very much.

Without EPIC and Mr. Ahmed, I wouldn't be able to go so far. Mr.Ahmed is a very passionate teacher, with lots of knowledge in the field of Power Engineering.

His knowledge and experience have greatly helped me throughout my exams and my career. I scored 100% in the Power Systems Engineering course.

Many thanks to EPIC as well, who has facilitated my courses and helped me pass my exams. The instructors are so wonderful, knowledgeable and full of patience.

I would definitely recommend EPIC college to any potential Engineers who are looking forward to get their Licenses in Canada.

- Helena Liu

Osama Badawy was very knowledgeable and resourceful instructor. I took an in-class Elec-A1 course with him in Fall 2016 and got 96%.

We covered details of exam topics well beyond the course's agenda, which helped me to ultimately achieve a reasonably high mark of 96% on my exam.

Osama always looked for simplicity and clearance of his teachings and instructions. Thus even ordinary complex math of the Elec A1 seemed to be always easy to absorb during his classes.

He also left some room for the flexibility of the classes' scheduling and all of the class peers were certainly satisfied with the option of a slight adjustment in the schedule.

I totally recommend anyone who is seeking an instructor in Elec A1 discipline to take a course with Osama.

- Yury Avdeev

I would like to personally thank Mohab El-Hakim, my hydraulic preview Instructor from EPIC. His style and dedication in teaching will bring the best in you. I am grateful to be one of them.

- Winifredo Forcalla

I took EPIC online course 98-CS-01 Engineering Economics started in Feb and finished in April, 2016. It was to pass APEGA tech exam held in May 2016. Recently received the result from APEGA and the final mark was 91%.

- Malsoon Kim

I'm really happy for getting 98%. It was not possible without you. Thank you so much for your great support. You are one of the best teacher I have ever worked with. Thanks again :)

- Birun

I'm sending this email to inform you Dr. Yoassry that I got the good performance and I got 92% in transportation subject. Appreciated a lot your efforts and advice.

- Les Brown

I was very happy with my instructor Mohamed Hassan Ahmed. What I liked about him was that he was always willing to answer all of our questions (sometimes silly questions) and despite his personal commitments and travel plans, he took special efforts to do Skype calls with us towards the end. He made us focus and prepare for the topics that are generally asked in the exams without wasting too much time on theory because the subjects were so vast and one could easily get lost in theory part. Please convey my thanks to your management & team at EPIC.

- Sajid Shaikh

I got 86% for Advanced Mathematics, it would not have been possible without you.

Thank you Dr. Ossama for all your support.

- Manivannan Birunthaban

My instructor, Mohab El-Hakim, was fantastic. He helped me to be familiar with what the APEG BC exam would entail, and to work through the material in a thorough but timely way.

Before my exam, he was willing to do an exam review session with me that really helped me to succeed in the course.

- Kelley Hishon

I very much appreciate EPIC, who helped me finish all 7 technical exams and PPE in 2 years

- Jack Li

Glad to let you know that I scored 92% for MEC-B1 and 99% for CS-1.

Thank you for your help.

- Sabrina Jia

I would like to thank you very much for the guidance provided during my technical exam preparation. The instructors were very helpful and had good course material to excel in the exam.

I would like to thank you again for the information session in back in Summer at your office. The announcement from the President regarding Scholarship encouraged me to work really hard and now I am hoping to receive that scholarship.

I was enrolled in following two courses and with the help of following hard working individuals, passed these exams in first sitting.

ELEC-04 : Digital Systems & Computers (Instructor Dr. Rashid Kohan) 95 %

ELEC-B4 : Information Technology Network (Instructor Mr Ahmed Fathy) 98 %

- Rakesh Patel

Dr. Yasser is a truly good instructor. Through his knowledge and enthusiasm, he made this course interesting. His superior teaching techniques allow students to grasp complex information by using exercises.

I appreciate his boundless patience and encouragement. He cares about his students.

- Sally Guo

First of all, many thanks to Ahmed Zaghlol for your guidance and direction / training on the course that I had taken this May 2015.

Over and above getting marks and passing exam the coaching helped to improve understanding of the subject.

- Pratik Bhatt

As an internationally trained professional in Civil Engineering, graduated in 1987, with no experience in Transportation Planning and Engineering sector what so ever, your very first class at EPIC gave me confidence on how to learn this subject targeting the PEO technical exam.

Amazingly, I ended up having 95% pass marks. This happened only because of your clear and precise instructions and directions, mentoring us to tune our mind-set for learning and most importantly you being a great educator.

Thank you very much Dr. Yoassry Elzohairy. You are one of the best if not the best.

- Samiddha Aryasinghe

I got 85% for Elementary Structural Analysis and 95% for Transportation Planning & Engineering.

Because I have over 60% on both exams in one siting, PEO waved the other 2 exams from the confirmatory program.

Thank you so much for the high quality learning courses that EPIC provides. It helped me achieved this great result with minimum effort from my part.

I will recommend EPIC's services to anyone that I know.

- Nick Neculai

I would like to submit my thanks, gratitude and appreciations to Dr. Yoassry Elzohairy for the condensed and concentrated lectures given by you during our study.

It was so clear and to the point, also you made it so easy to grasp all materials covered that during our exam revision, we found all the topics in past paper questions were very easy.

I just wanted to inform you that I passed my Elementary Structural Design exam by the mark of 98%, I just wanted to thank you for all the efforts you have made.

ELE-B7 - 93%.

Special thanks to Mohamed Hassan Ahmed.

I made it at 94% on CVL-A6

Really appreciate the opportunity of attending your class.

Your professional expertise made the course and exam techniques so clear and achievable.

I am glad to inform that I got 95% for 98-Civ-A6 May 2015 exam.

Thank you very much Dr. Yoassry Elzohairy for your clear directions and instructions and being a great educator.

I got a great mark in Transportation, I passed with good performance.

Thank you so much Dr. Yoassry Elzohairy for your support.

Dr. Noh Abdelrahman, P.Eng was the instructor for this class. He gave examples from his engineering experience, and is interested in helping the students learn both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of engineering.

This class was very helpful and I thank him for his teaching and genuine interest in preparing the students for the exams.

- Jonathan Nickel

I would like to say that taking the Structural Analysis course with EPIC was the best thing for my P. Eng License.

Dr. Aly Emam, who is teaching the course at EPIC, is doing a great job. His patience with every student is impressive. He manages to refresh the memory of his students. The materials he provides are all you need to be successful.

He knows exactly what to teach the students and he made me change my career, from field operations to design. He gives a lot of confidence to his students. I know he also teaches other courses like Structural Design or Finite Element Theory.

The result that I managed to pass with 95% at my Elementary Structural Analysis exam.

- Andrei Bogdan Horga

I have successfully passed 4 PEO Technical Exams by attending EPIC Distance - Classes.

I am working a full-time job and do not have much time to study. But with EPIC courses, I was able to manage between my job & education.

Thank you so much to EPIC and to my instructors. I really appreciate your help.

- Nawres Fouad

Instructors are very professional, well prepared, and precise on course track. This is a must in order to pass and score well on exams.

Thanks and credit goes to EPIC as well for having such great instructors, who helped me score 95% and 98% in my first sitting.

- Rakesh Patel

I am thankful to my subject faculty, Yasser Ebrahim, without his guidance I could not be able to score 100/100 in Engineering Economics.

His way of teaching concepts is very nice and simple to understand.

Again, Thanks Yasser for your valuable guidance.

- Manoj Shukla

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