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Design of Tall Buildings

14 Professional Development Hours

This course will help you to:

  • Recognize the classification of the most used structural systems and the behaviour of each system under the applied loads
  • Acquire skills in using approximate methods to perform a preliminary analysis of high-rise buildings
  • Identify the lateral loads applied that should be applied to the structural system of the tall building
  • Enhance your understanding of the National Building Code to apply it to the design of high-rise buildings
  • Learn about designing high-rise buildings through actual case studies
  • Introduce you to the modelling of high-rise buildings and how to judge the accuracy of the results obtained from the computer model

The design of tall buildings requires skills in structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, lateral loads calculation, etc., and basic design skills. This course guides designers and engineers through the design stages of tall buildings, from load calculation to the final design, using approximate and detailed design methods. It covers the structural behaviour of various structural systems commonly used to resist gravity and lateral loads that predominately act on tall buildings.

This course discusses approximate methods employed in the analysis of rigid frames, shear wall buildings, coupled shear wall structures, and wall-frame structures. Computer modelling of these systems is also introduced. Comparisons between the approximate and computer analysis will be carried out by participants on given solved examples.

Course Outline

  • Definition and Components of a Tall Building
  • Lateral Load Resisting Systems
  • Moment Resisting Frames
  • Shear Wall Systems
  • Coupled Shear Wall Systems
  • Wall-Frame Structures
  • Review of National Building Code of Canada Requirements and Design Recommendations

Who Should Attend

Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Government Engineers and Managers • Bridge Engineers • Structural Engineers • Design Engineers • Engineers in Training • Construction Personnel • Consulting Engineers • Project Engineers

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Online, 11/1/2023


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